Compensation Plan General


Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to increase your income with the Imperial Candles Compensation Plan. Created with your success in mind, our generous scheme provides the opportunity to build your own business and be rewarded for your hard work.


RANK - Qualification title of ambassador

PAYMENT STATUS - Level at which Ambassador earnings will be determined month to month

PERSONAL RETAIL VOLUME (PRV) - Total sum of sales made by an Ambassador

TEAM WHOLESALE VOLUME (TWV) - Total sum of sales made by an Ambassador’s team

ACTIVE AMBASSADORS - Team members which have generated 200 PRV for the month

COMMISSION PRV - Percentage of commission paid to Ambassadors on Personal Retail Volume (PRV)

BONUS TEAM WHOLESALE VOLUME - bonus (paid as percentage) on Team Wholesale Volume



As an Ambassador, you earn 20% commission on Personal Retail Volume (PRV). Additionally, you will be able to recruit your own team and earn Leadership Bonuses based on team sales and rank. From a Certificate Leader to a Diamond Director, the possibilities for personal and financial growth are limitless. You will promote in rank as you increase Personal Retail Volume (PRV), Team Wholesale Volume (twv) and No. of Active Ambassadors.

As your business grows, so will your earnings. This will allow you to create an income  that is suited to your personal goals.

  • First point of contact for your team
  • Provide support to ensure highest level of PRV and TWV achieved
  • Schedule monthly appointments with your team to review goals and check progress (phone, text, email, Skype etc.)
  • Ensure your team follows the Imperial Candles Limited guidelines