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Your Perfect Candle

by Traian Burgui 02 Feb 2022 0 Comments

A Guide to Finding Your Unique Fragrance

Have you ever walked into a candle store and felt like you were going to pass out from how strong the scents were? Or maybe you've tried a few candles, but they just weren't quite right? Trying to find your perfect candle can be a bit of an odyssey.  

There is good news, though; the candle scent you'll love the most is waiting for your search. Whether relaxing or refreshing, there's a perfect match out on our shelves!

This blog post will guide you through finding YOUR perfect candle - so that you can finally find yourself in a scent. 

The Scented Journey 101 

When it comes to finding your perfect candle scent, it's essential to first think about what type of scent you are drawn to. Do you prefer fruity or floral aromas? Are you more of a citrusy person, or do you like the smell of vanilla and sugar cookies? Once you know what types of scents appeal to you, you can start narrowing down your search!  

The scent is an integral part of our lives, evoking memories and emotions. Scents are categorized in the following way: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The three elements work together to create a complex scent that everyone can interpret differently.


TOP NOTES: dissipate quickly and are light and subtle. Top notes include tropical scents like orange and mandarin.

Mandarins and Oranges are the perfect instant sense pleasers. You get sunshine in a bottle without any of that fake "best smell" stuff to make you feel exhausted! Excellent for an indoor mood booster, these sweet little guys will put a smile on your face instantly - even if it's been flat out horrible outside all day long (or week).

Our favorite top note candles:
Happy Birthday Red Ruby

Happy Birthday! Make their birthday special with a gift that keeps on giving. Celebrate the best day of the year with a one-of-a-kind scent, truly the ‘icing on the cake’. Smooth caramel, mandarin, oranges and peach combine to create a light and delectable confection. Simply mouth-watering! Treat yourself or someone special with the ultimate scented experience. Discover More


Sparkling and dreamy, this Limited Edition fragrance blooms with the soft notes of florals, mandarin oranges, Sambac Jasmine, Rose, and Patchouli.
Part of our exclusive Gem Collection, discover one of five bespoke ring designs available exclusively in our Red Ruby’ candle. All five designs are specially crafted in 925 Sterling Silver with red colored stones and an RRP value of $30+


MIDDLE NOTES: The middle is the fragrance's heart, where our emotions are drawn to. Middle notes include floral scents like rose and calming like jasmine.

Rose smells like the perfect date. It's light, airy, and fresh with just enough sweetness to make it memorable. All the above without being cloying or overwhelming on your senses - in other words: not too much but always present, so you remember how great the room smelled when you walked in!

Our favorite middle note candles:

Fresh Cut Roses, Midnight Jasmine


Bring the essence of spring to your home with the elegant and tantalizing fragrance of Freshly Cut Roses.

Unwind with the rich, sultry fragrance of wild jasmine flowers combined with delicate notes of soft rose petals.


BASE NOTES: These are what give a fragrance its foundation and strength. They also help to determine a scent's longevity. The most popular base note fragrance is vanilla.

Vanilla has a creamy, warm and comforting yet also slightly exotic scent. It's not just about sugar or cookie smells, though those are present in vanilla too; it's more complex with an underlying gourmand note that makes you want to eat everything around them!

Our favorite base note candles:

Cherry Vanilla, Black Raspberry Vanilla

Playful notes of bitter-sweet cherries and creamy vanilla create the perfect balance of elegance. Indulge your senses with a unique aroma.

This fragrance is an enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with middle notes of white floral greenery, and bottom notes of musk, and vanilla.


What's next?

When you've found your perfect scent, we want to help you find the perfect candle. Our candle experts had a singular motivation: to produce the best-scented candles in the industry (we also put a beautiful jewel inside each).  

The idea of having 365 days a year to explore new scents is very appealing. Start capturing scented memories today by getting yourself, or someone you care about, the ultimate gift through these amazing burns! Why wait until the next ''special occasion'' before finding out what makes the year worth living? 

Choose between fresh-cut roses or black raspberry vanilla (and everything in-between), then spend 2022 getting creative by capturing memories like never before. Discover our entire scented candle collection here.

Guest writer Natalia Kurys

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