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Women’s History Month. Discover 3 Women You Should Learn About.

by Traian Burgui 01 Mar 2022 0 Comments

These are the stories of trailblazing females you didn't learn about in school, including an 80-year-old tiger trainer and the motorbike queen of Miami.

Harriet Tubman. Susan B. Anthony. Amelia Earhart. These are women you're familiar with. But who are Claude Colvin, Mabel Stark, and Bessie Stringfield?

According to researchers, women's stories account for only 0.5 percent of recorded history. We wanted to shed lights on the lives and legacies of women whose names and stories you may not have learned about in school - but who nevertheless made a significant impact on society.

As we start Women's History Month, we've got 3 short stories about women you've likely never heard of, but that's about to change now.


Claudette Colvin


On a Friday afternoon in 1955, shortly after school had let out, Claudette Colvin and her friends were asked to move from their seats on a bus for a white passenger. Colvin, 15, stayed seated while her classmates got up, and she was arrested — becoming the first person to be detained for violating Montgomery's bus segregation rules. 


Mabel Stark

Mabel Stark

The first female tiger trainer, Mabel Stark, was a well-known name on the circus marquee in the 1920s.

Mabel Stark, better known as "Tiger Girl" and "Crazy Mabel," was one of the most renowned animal trainers in a male-dominated area during the early 20th century. She worked with tigers until she was nearly 80 years old. She had more than 700 stitches on her body from being bitten, gouged, and clawed by the tigers (a scratchy career if you ask us), but she never blain any animal for that.


Bessie Stringfield

Bessie Stringfield

In the 1940s, when motorcycle riding was considered "unladylike" by some, Bessie Stringfield worked as a dispatch rider for the United States Army. Stringfield rode her Harley-Davidson through Florida's palm-tree-lined streets, revving and roaring, in a time when other women were confined to housework.

Hundreds of female motorcyclists make the annual cross-country journey in her honor today.


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Who's story stuck with you the most. Make sure to leave a comment down below and let us know who's story would you like us to write more about.



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