The Motivation Behind the Ambassador Program - Q&A with Claudia - Imperial Candles Founder

The Motivation Behind the Ambassador Program - Q&A with Claudia - Imperial Candles Founder

We interviewed Claudia, Imperial Candles’ Founder, to learn more about the mission behind the brand. We will start the interview series with the first five questions:

1️⃣  What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?

Make sure you are passionate about whatever you want to start. The journey to success is long and requires a lot of resilience, perseverance, and faith. If you don’t enjoy the process, it will be almost impossible not to quit when the hard times come, and they always do. Identify your weaknesses fast and surround yourself with better people than you.


2️⃣  What is your most beloved memory in the business journey?

It will be hard to choose one memory, but the move in our first warehouse comes to mind. I remember thinking that someone must be messing with me as it felt surreal to see something started in our one-bedroom apartment becoming a serious business. 

3️⃣  What’s the motivation behind the Ambassador Program?

I always felt the need to empower women to achieve their full potential. I see so many talented people being afraid to follow their dreams as they lack the confidence or think they are not good enough. The Ambassador Program was created to empower, share part of the Imperial Candles brand with people passionate about candles, jewelry and offer them the best way to start a business in a few minutes.

4️⃣  What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about the creative industry love playing with ideas from copy to photos, design, product development. I can’t see my life without thinking of the next great “idea.”

5️⃣  Finally, do you remember the first candle created? If so, what scent was it?

Not counting all the failures in creating the perfect candle recipe, the first-ever Imperial Candle created was White Jasmine & Freesia, a scent that brings me back to my childhood.


Hope you have enjoyed our Q&A. Do you have any questions for Claudia? Let us know in the comments below!

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